Why everything is getting into our #Mobile hands

How mobile technology, data, new social media, consumer behaviours have changed brands communication. For ever.

We have organized this week a joined #MobileDay training seminar with our teams and some clients, with the support of inspiring external speakers from Facebook (@BoxCob), S4M (@StanislasCoignard) and DigitasLBI London HQ (@illico).

Some very interesting attention points where underlined during the day, and I am pleased to share with you the most relevant ones, that should draw our attention when thinking about how to build “what’s next” with our clients.

1. Mobile is now at the core, not at the side, of customer journeys and behaviours. We live now in a mobile world. And this is more than just building apps and featuring mobile web. It is in fact a Mobile team“continuum-ready thinking”.
Marketers should stop asking their agency “what will be the cost for building this app and when will it be finished ?”. It just as silly as, for instance, asking an airline company “when will you finish with your airplanes ?”… You buy them, but you need to have them flying, have a crew on board, secure the maintenance and spare parts… Digital is not a “capex investment”, it is an operational expense.

2. Video content is a major driver for mobile traffic : over the last 3 years, mobile video views have grown by more than 600%. 45% of global video views are brainnow on mobile devices. The attention span of consumers for everything which is image-related is huge. Facebook attention on Live Video, Twitter Periscope, Vines or Instagram Loop are just exemples of what the future of digital content looks like for digital marketers.


3. Technology has made anticipatory design possible, with connected devices and services able to anticipate consumer behaviour and needs. At the last Mobile nestconferences, VR/AR devices, connected households devices (think about Samsung connected washing machines, Nest smart thermostat, Verisure smart alarms, etc.) are just everywhere. And already in our houses.

4. Mobile advertising is a challenge for the whole advertising industry. Advertising needs to become much more focused on customer journeys. The best mobile ad banners means nothing if the click leads to a non-relevant, non-mobile friendly landing page. This will just kill the whole customer experience. As such, digital and more specifically mobile is a game changer for the whole advertising industry. Creation and technology need to go hand in hand with data and user experience design. Where the industry is still in majority addressing those topics in siloed organisations…

One additional question that comes also with those major trends, is how brands and technology providers will keep the pace with the continuous evolution, future maintenance and make all this future-proof… Think about car manufacturers that are launching now cars that will be there in 3, 4, 5 years or more. With connected services developed on the technology of a few years ago. Quite a challenge, but a huge opportunity for marketers to embrace the change and the mobile customer era.


José Fernandez

Managing Director - DigitasLBI Belgium.