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SHOWCASE – Hit the nail on the head at GAMMA

DigitasLBi Belgium was asked to develop a digital activation campaign for GAMMA, leading DIY Benelux retailer. As a result we developed the platform « Nageltje Klop/Le jeu du clou » that extends the brand experience to GAMMA’s customers. When customers participated in the digital version of the classic “fancy fair” game they had the chance to be rewarded with in-store discount offers as they made progress throughout the game.

In the first phase of the campaign during April/May over 50.000 visitors were attracted and 40.000 game sessions were started. These figures led to an impressive conversion rate of over 20% on issued discount offer vouchers.

The game

We designed the game for desktop, tablet and smartphone so that we could give as many people as possible the opportunity to play the game and to encourage them to play it any given time on any device.

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A customer could win a discount but couldn’t simply win the first prize by only playing the game. To compete for the first, second or third prize they were given the opportunity to receive so called «boostcodes*» to increase their score via GAMMA’s SoMe channels.

The boostcodes came in waves/rounds, with a total of five waves. We handed out boostcodes that every player could use. Apart from those there also were three sorts of “special” boostcodes: The purchase boostcode, the treasure hunt boostcode and the surprisecode.

1. Customers were able to receive a purchase boostcode when they bought an item in a GAMMA point of sale or in the GAMMA e-shop.

2. Four times a month we organized a treasure hunt (with mostly photo riddles) where customers could receive a boostcode to play and increase their score.

3. Also surprise codes were handed out. For example: the first person to respond to the latest tweet or Facebook post received a personal surprise code.

*Note that each code had its own points value. The values of the codes varied.

Apart from the boostcodes there was also the option to earn a « Joker » via social activation such as: a tweet, a like, a share and so. A Joker could give a player advantage over other players. Because the boostcodes an jokers provoked social activation we saw as a result that there was more interaction with customers on GAMMA’s SoMe channels.

The competition finals

Eventually the 35 winners of the online game participated in the finals during a big event to celebrate the 35 years existence of GAMMA. At the event they had to play the game in real-life. In the end six people battled for the first, second and third prize during the ultimate finale.

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Communication and community building goals

We maximised communication by using various channels. For offline communication we used the GAMMA stores, banners, the GAMMA folder and a radio spot. We communicated online via GAMMA’s SoMe channels Facebook and Twitter, via the newsletter, the website homepage and the e-shop. The goal was to reach as many people as possible in order to make them download and play the game, to increase involvement and to optimise the brand experience.

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As a result the ties with the community became stronger. We saw an increase of interaction with the brand on social media. Customers were talking more about the game and the competition, with the brand and others, thanks to the addition of a social layer. The customer involvement also grew by using social media to hand out boostcodes in various ways.

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The nail on the head

The “hit the nail on the head at GAMMA” was a successful campaign. The brand became stronger, the community grew, people became more involved, they started interacting with the brand and the game was a true hit.

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Kristof Drossaert

Digital Strategist