Scientists vs poets: Creativity in the age of data

DigitasLBi’s International Chief Creative Officer Chris Clarke will be talking about the role of data in the creative process in Cannes next week. Stuart Aitken outlines what to expect from the session.

Data. Everyone’s been banging on about it for years. But what’s it all for? If it can’t help us to predict a General Election, does it really help us to make sense of the world? Can we use it to tell better stories? Does it have a role in the creative process? Should we be discussing it over a glass or ten of rosé in the sunshine of Cannes?

Well, we’re going to.

This year data is very much on the agenda at everyone’s favourite festival of creativity with several sessions set to examine exactly what the obsession with data means for the creative communications industry.

Traditionally we’ve been encouraged to think that left-brain and right-brain processes are best kept in isolation. However in today’s hyper-connected world, the best marketing comes when you embrace the creative tension between the two.

In a session on Thursday 25th June entitled ‘Scientists vs Poets’, our International Chief Creative Officer Chris Clarke and International Head of Data Science Dan Hughes will be fully exploring this tension.

We’ll be using real data gleaned from the audience to create compelling ‘stories’ in real-time to show that the best, most compelling narratives come from a combination of data and storytelling. Who knows we may even persuade you that scientists and poets should join forces.

For more information on the Scientists vs Poets session, visit the Cannes Lions website

Kristof Drossaert

Digital Strategist