Real-time marketing – a new creative process

Real-time marketing demands for a new creative process.  Since the success of an interaction on trends is based on speed, the creative process has to be streamlined to the minute.

An agile team

The real-time marketing team has to be small, multi-talented and agile.  The smaller the team, the more agile it is.  Though they need enough creative brains to translate trends into a nice concept and eventual postings.

Minimal basic setup of a team

  • Creative director : creative idea, design, copywriting
  • Digital strategist : creative idea, community management, analytics
  • Marketing manager client : able to approve a lot without major interference of the clients company

There is also a support team that is on standby but they shouldn’t be involved at every stage.  This team consist of conversation managers, copywriters, designers, business analysts and developers.

The client

The clients involvement is of major importance.  If they are not kept in the loop the whole time, the lifecycle of a real-time marketing concept is too long and ideas risk to be outdated by the time they are online.

Therefor we suggest the client being present in the process the whole time.  If this contact has also the leverage to approve ideas, the team could become a match made in heaven.

A lot of clients struggle with bureaucracy, which makes RTM a difficult exercise to fulfil.


Producing a lot of creative content on a short period of time often has an influence on the quality of delivery.  Although social media are quiet forgiving in this matter, it still key that every concept is of high enough quality so it enhances the brand personality and values.

In stead of trying to come up with at least one good idea a day, you’d rather sit on out in favour for a great idea.  Some ideas might even need some days to mature.  And although it’s called real-time marketing, this doesn’t mean that you have to respond to a trend at the very first second.  But as a team you do need to pick up these trends as quickly as possible to be able to identify the ones viable to work with.


Being available 24/7 is not something we are familiar with, but if you are an international brand this might well be an important key to success.  e-Commerce operates 7 days out of 7 and it’s becoming unthinkable that a brand cannot be reached during the weekends.

This is obviously still a movement that has to grow, but trends, events, … happen at every moment of the day, every day.  So this something to keep in mind.

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Kristof Drossaert

Digital Strategist