Connected Apple

Internet of (Any)Thing(s) : connected devices… or connected lives?

When it comes to talk about the “Internet of Things” and their impact on our lives, it appears to many people – except the techno-freak-geek community – as a futuristic nightmare mix between “Minority Report” and “Matrix” : a world of  permanent control from machines upon our brains, bodies and lives.


However, the true reality is not that futuristic anymore.
For most people, it will mainly be a matter of creating shortcuts into daily convenience and customer experience.

Look for instance at the Nespresso’s Prodigio coffee machine launched earlier this year. Brewing coffee from your smartphone? Checked! The main focus here is of course convenience, with a sense of techno-modernity. But once you connect a device with such a basic daily life environment as your kitchen and coffee cup, you add up a new context that strongly empowers Brands to become not only a part, but “the” experience.



Another remarkable exemple of this trend to connect objects straight into our daily lives is the unveiling announcement earlier this week of LeSee, the Chinese copycat and potential competitor of Tesla. The chinese technology manufacturer has figured out what the future of automotive could be : a self-driving car that you won’t buy anymore, but will get for free. In return, the company will be providing  (non free) content services such
as in-car entertainment. Although one would argue that the time of car ownership replacement by mobility services renting has not come yet – and I personally disagree on that statement : we see more and more industry cases where ownership materiality is disappearing -, this could be a potential look into our not-so-far emerging future, where Technology, Content and Data will merge together to provide unique user experiences.


José Fernandez

Managing Director - DigitasLBI Belgium.