DigitasLBi Belgium http://www.unicorntales.be What's next? Wed, 27 May 2015 14:05:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.2 Real-time marketing – a new creative processhttp://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-a-new-creative-process/ http://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-a-new-creative-process/#comments Tue, 26 May 2015 06:11:37 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=735 Real-time marketing demands for a new creative process.  Since the success of an interaction on trends is based on speed, the creative process has to be streamlined to the minute. An agile team The real-time marketing team has to be small, multi-talented and agile.  The smaller the team, the more agile it is.  Though they […]

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SHOWCASE – Hit the nail on the head at GAMMAhttp://www.unicorntales.be/showcase-hit-the-nail-on-the-head-at-gamma/ http://www.unicorntales.be/showcase-hit-the-nail-on-the-head-at-gamma/#comments Thu, 21 May 2015 14:19:50 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=549 DigitasLBi Belgium was asked to develop a digital activation campaign for GAMMA, leading DIY Benelux retailer. As a result we developed the platform « Nageltje Klop/Le jeu du clou » that extends the brand experience to GAMMA’s customers. When customers participated in the digital version of the classic “fancy fair” game they had the chance to […]

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E-wallets : A crowded playing fieldhttp://www.unicorntales.be/e-wallets-a-crowded-playfield/ http://www.unicorntales.be/e-wallets-a-crowded-playfield/#comments Wed, 20 May 2015 14:35:52 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=878 E-wallets. Where to start… The number of technologies and apps is growing fast, from banks to retailers the iniatives are coming out of the woodwork. But how many of those creations will survive? And which ones will end up on top? The answers lie at a clouded summit. The probably three/four “most-known technologies” are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and […]

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Real-time marketing – Event coveragehttp://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-event-coverage/ http://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-event-coverage/#comments Tue, 19 May 2015 09:21:45 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=740 Events make a great case for real-time marketing or live blogging.  Most of the time some there are plenty of events or topics to talk about leading to the actual event and also after the event there are a lot of stories to cover. Storytelling Events are the perfect setting to do tell stories about. […]

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Real-time marketing – Not without community managementhttp://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-not-without-community-management/ http://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-not-without-community-management/#comments Tue, 05 May 2015 13:37:00 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=745 Real-time marketing focusses on marketing related to events and occasions that happen on the moment of publishing.  Therefor it’s even more important to have a good follow-up on all channels compared to that with traditional marketing.  We strongly believe that RTM should be infused with strong community management. Storytelling As stated in “Real-time marketing – […]

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Real-time marketing – The Essencehttp://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-the-essence/ http://www.unicorntales.be/real-time-marketing-the-essence/#comments Mon, 04 May 2015 09:30:07 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=733 Real-time marketing is the big thing in marketing.  But does it really live up to its potential?  And how can we transcend the typical Top Topical? Know your market A first thing to understand when a company wants to do real-time marketing is the market itself. RTM is very interesting when you combine it with another […]

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Media agencies – Juggling with numbershttp://www.unicorntales.be/media-agencies-juggling-with-numbers/ http://www.unicorntales.be/media-agencies-juggling-with-numbers/#comments Thu, 30 Apr 2015 09:00:03 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=765 Since long media agencies have a strong relationship with the advertisers.  They arranged media deals to display the creative work from advertising agencies, and they were good at this.  But media usage has changed drastically over the past few years and this has an impact on the media mix. The new landscape Newspapers are slowly being […]

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Connected Commerce 2015: Trends and findings for Belgiumhttp://www.unicorntales.be/connected-commerce-2015-belgium/ http://www.unicorntales.be/connected-commerce-2015-belgium/#comments Tue, 28 Apr 2015 08:45:36 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=803 According to the 2015 DigitasLBi Connected Commerce study of retail trends the number of connected devices and social commerce is increasing on a global scale. The key for retailers is to personalize the shopping experience in order to boost their sales. The trends and findings for Belgium in terms of connected commerce show that we […]

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The future of living: home automationhttp://www.unicorntales.be/home-automation/ http://www.unicorntales.be/home-automation/#comments Tue, 21 Apr 2015 10:09:22 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=779 Home automation: Two words that already speak for themself. It’s the automation of home activity such as HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) and control of lighting, aiming to improve comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and security. You may also know it as “domotics”. An introduction to the future of living starts here. Home automation became more […]

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Brace yourselves: New Google Algorithm Update is cominghttp://www.unicorntales.be/google-algorithm-update-mobile-friendly/ http://www.unicorntales.be/google-algorithm-update-mobile-friendly/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 16:10:22 +0000 http://www.unicorntales.be/?p=690 Do you have a mobile or responsive website? If not, you may find it harder to rank in Google’s mobile search results starting April 21. One does not simply have a mobile-friendly website. But it has become undeniably essential. 80% of internet users have a smartphone, a strong percentage which is still growing. Many of […]

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